Palliative Care

Is the active and total care of diseases that have no answers to curative treatment, with the main objective of controlling pain and other symptoms.


Services at home.
Reaffirm the importance of life even in the terminal stage and establish an active care not to accelerate or postponed the death, provide relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. Integrating the physical, psychological and spiritual care, to ensure that the sick person lives a life as active as possible and provide a system of family support to help the sick loved one.

Postoperative Analgesia Service

We also provide control and management of acute postoperative pain in a systematic and protocol way. This new service is tailored to any type of surgery, the benefits we provide you during the first critical days are:

Decreased pain, dizziness, rebound and inflammation during the critical days after surgery. The service includes a nurse, who with experience, monitors, cares and supports in everything you need to feel better. Adapt quickly to your normal life without pain and postoperative recovery.



Patient Testimonies

"I had a lipectomy and used the services of the PAS (Postsurgical Analgesia Service)for pain management. It included the nursing service for postoperative care, and I felt very good, both day and night. This service was an excellent decision. I recommend them, painless surgery is possible. "Anonymous.