Palliative Care Guide

Constipation (difficulty in bowel movement) is a common side effect of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and use of opioids. Other causes include hypercalcemia, malignant bowel obstruction and spinal cord compression.

General Measures

1. Drink plenty of fluids: water, prune juice and hot drinks without caffeine.
2. Eat foods high in fiber: whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
3. Encourage fluid intake (water and fruit juices).
4. Metamucil: 1-2 teaspoon in 1 glass of water in the morning.
5. Oat bran: mixed with liquids and food.
6. Lactulose solution: 40ml diluted in 10cc of chamomile tea.
7. Senokot with docusate: 2 tablet daily.
8. Glycerin Suppositories: rectal route every 12 hours.
9. Finally Enemas FLEET: rectally, in case of not responding to prior therapy.


Diet for Overweight
Table of food to choose from daily